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2nd Aug, 2022

Avkin Couples Technological Advancement with Real-Life Experiences

To Err is human. Humans are not born with a Midas touch that turns all their projects into gold at the first touch. Of course, we make mistakes and learn from them. Learning also involves practicing that brings betterment to an action. The training of a medic involves both these notions like any other training field. But unlike other disciplines, medical students train on the ground of life. Life is too precious to make a mistake. The healthcare simulation technologies of the modern era are capable of irradicating medical errors caused by students of medicine and commencers of clinical practice.

Driving is a form of simulation that most of us are doing in our daily life. A learning driver may smash another car as a part of their learning. But the dogma of healthcare does not approve of causing accidents to people. Medical training involves trial and error and, like any other disciple. The paradox of medical education is that one living body is subjected to experiments to attain the mastery of saving lives. The medical curriculums should undergo an extensive overhaul for the erasure of life-threatening errors.

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Founded in 2015 by nursing faculties, Avkin redefines med school education with replicas of the body parts worn on people they call stimulated participants. Avkin is the combination of the Latin words “Akin” and “Vera.” Akin means similar in character, and Vera means truth. With Avkin’s sensor-enabled, wearable technology, practitioners, such as doctors, nurses, and first responders, can learn the skill set (soft skills) and theoretical knowledge (hard skills) required during simulation training.

The company’s mission is to provide products of the highest quality and allow education to be more authentic than what students will experience in real life. Their creations include a dummy throat for tracheostomy training arms for learning how to draw blood. They even feature parts for catheter training, realistic wounds, and many other lifelike body parts. Training using these elements enables the medics to encounter true-life scenarios effectively.

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Avkin’s wide range of products are listed below: –

1.Avtrac – Avkin released the Avtrac, a wearable tracheostomy simulator, as its first product. This simulator is worn over the upper torso and lower neck to train students to create an airway by making an opening in the neck. The actors will wear the device during their portrayal as the patient, and the Avtrac comes with a tracheostomy tube coming from the neck. A patient might suffer excruciating pain if the learner goes too deep in suctioning out a tracheostomy. Vibration-based technology is used on the devices. With this technology, the standardized patient will be alerted if they go too deep or if they are too rough.

2.      Avline – Avline is a medical simulation tool designed for central venous access. Learning will be facilitated by combining the Avline with the Avkin simulations, including CVC infusion and care, port access and de-access, and CVC infusion. Hence, Central venous education with Avline is the finest in high-fidelity experience.

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3.      Avtone – Differentiating between generalized heart and lung sounds is an essential skill for healthcare professionals of all levels. The Avtone is a high-fidelity product in the auscultation medical simulation arena. Speakers play genuinely sounding patient heart and lung sounds, so the students experience realistic simulated learning. In addition, the learners can use their stethoscopes to study landmarks and assess standardized patients in real-time.

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4.      Avcath – Avcath offers the best high-fidelity simulation in medical education for male and female urinary catheterization. In keeping with current best practices, the Avcath can be scanned, palpated, as well as used with betadine and lubricant. As a result, the Avcath is a viable alternative to medical training manikins in healthcare education.

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5.      Avthor – As a unique tool for simulation in healthcare education, the Avthor is the only wearable intrathoracic chest tube that can replace medical manikins. This device teaches students how to manage and maintain chest tubes. Moreover, students will practice their critical communication skills and movement using a standardized patient wearing the device. The Avthor is also capable of hooking up to a pleurovac and providing high-fidelity simulation for patient care that includes tidal variability, blood release, air leak, high intrathoracic pressure, and crepitus assessment.

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6.      Avwound – Wearable simulation technology and wound care simulation have come together with Avwound. In conjunction with standardized patients, realistic skin blanching will give your learners a thorough understanding of wound mechanics and how to assess and treat infections of wounds.

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7.      Avband – Avband is your solution for creating a safe standardized-patient simulation. Utilizing the Avband’s ability to form a seamless connection with your Avkin app, you can use it in psych simulations and pair it with your existing Avkin devices. With an emphasis on safety and customization, your standardized patients will have a direct line to the control room to ensure their safety is maintained or that the simulation is moving forward as directed. In addition, the Avband has fully customizable lights and vibrations that can be adjusted according to your simulation needs, making it a suitable complement to your Avkin devices.

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The significance of simulated participants in medical schools

Avkin believes practitioner training through realistic healthcare simulations is the key to patient-centered care and that human interaction is indispensable for clinical education. Thus, it specializes in simulated participation, which can bring your simulation creation livelier in unimaginable ways.

Stimulated participants are not merely tools but rather active participants in the treatment process. Each actor plays a character with a remarkably detailed life, down to how they live at home. Their role is not merely acting like an entertaining artist but providing constructive communication feedback from the perspective of the client or patient, who is always the focus of a potential clinician’s work. The actors can contribute to formative learning and summative assessment of a student.

The most crucial part of working with live people in simulation is launching them to an institution with quality training. Unfortunately, an untrained simulated participant (SP) can bring hurdles to the smooth training of the learners. Therefore, Avkin has formulated a training course for efficient grooming of simulated participants with a standardized curriculum with this vision in mind.

Avkin is proving a point by conecting the potential of advanced technology with real-life healthcare practices. Amalgamating the duo, Avkin balances the formula of new-age medical education by providing the students with real-life patients and escalating their experience with highly innovative devices designed by experienced professionals.

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