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    A truly global operation, we have offices across the Middle East, in India and Australia. You can locate the relevant office for your enquiry below.

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    Customer Service

    We are always on hand to serve our customers so don’t
    hesitate to get in touch with your enquiry.

    Leader Healthcare Group knows the importance of providing quality and timely services to customers. Leader Healthcare Group is staffed with knowledgeable, extensively trained customer service representatives who know what it takes to make your customers feel valued and important. Our quality processes in order management and call handling have made us a leader in implementing customer satisfaction and retention programs.


    An exciting place to work

    Become part of a vibrant environment , surrounded by a unique group of people. We want the work you do here to be the best work of your life! Our culture relies strongly on key values that all employees bring to the table we look deeper to solve the right problems;­­ we are open and welcome accountability; we embrace learning and believe in getting better all the time.

    Teamwork and collaboration make us who we are. We are one big, passionate an interconnected team looking in the same direction and helping each other succeed. We value the contribution and talent of each of our employees. Be inspired to think big, grow and succeed, all while making a positive impact on the world. Join Leader Healthcare.

    Technical Support

    Should you require any technical support or advice
    we’re ready to solve your issue.

    Leader Healthcare Technical and Service Department is dedicated to providing world-class technical support. Our award-winning technical support team takes pride in delivering high-quality service to our customers. Our staff of highly skilled, trained professionals has extensive experience in technical and clinical applications, and process quality control.

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