Standard Patients Programs

In Collaboration with Avkin Simulations

Having a standardized patient in a simulation scenario is always a preference of simulation instructors to increase realism of various reactions and reflect realistic emotions demonstrated  by the SP. Difficult personality types and sensitive subject matter are also introduced to the students through interviews with SPs. 

During some encounters, the student performs an interview and either a portion of or a complete physical examination on the patient. After each encounter, the SP is responsible for evaluating the performance of the student and filling out a checklist indicating their proficiency in both interviewing and physical exam situations. training the SP to conduct these types of evaluation is very important to maintain a quality of simulation experience for the learners.



Moulage is a definition of the art of applying mock injuries in the purpose of a Medical or a Military Training. By taking the time to include Moulage in your simulation experiences, learners will be provided the most realistic patient representation possible. Increased realism tends to improved learning outcomes, as participants find themselves captivated by the experience that closely resembles potential clinical realities. Presented by Nola Pearce, the comprehensive workshop sets gear for simulation technicians and instructors to Raise the quality of the simulation in your centers.

Duration : 2 days workshop

Fundamentals of debriefing

Debriefing phase of simulation Session in a core competency that will allow students to reflect their thoughts and actions during the SCE and receive feedback to Develop their future performances , in this course the focus is the skills of debriefing  for the simulation instructors or other Stake holders.

Topics of discussion.

Introduction to debriefing

  • Touch base of Andragogy
  •  Debriefing Definition
  •  Purpose Debriefing
  • Debriefing as feedback tool
  • Definition of Feedback
  • Steps of providing feedback in debriefing method
  • Phases of Debriefing
  • Types of Debriefing
  • Modes of debriefing
  • Rapid Cycle of debriefing
  • Reflective Debriefing
  • 5- Required facilitator skills


Exercises ” Debrief the debrifer “

Duration : 2 days workshop

Academic Teaching Support

As part of the Leader healthcare medical education academy services , learning sessions for the gross anatomy and physiology for various body systems is provided using our technology as part of the teaching assistance using these solutions

Anatomy Camp

In Collaboration with Von Hagens plastination

The Anatomy camp is an academic & practical approach to human body dissection provided by expert anatomists in the Von-Hagens team, the Participating students have a comprehensive experience about the History of ” Gunther VonHagens ” the inventor of Plastination process, a full demonstration of different phases of Plastination.

The anatomy Camp takes place in the VonHagens Planetarium, the center where all the plastination processes takes place in preparation of the body worlds exhibitions.

Duration : 1 week 

Travel : The VonHagens Plastinarium  is located in the heart of Guben, Germany, On the Boarders of Poland.

Uferstr. 22, 03172 Guben, Brandenburg Germany


Essentials of simulation

Essentials of simulation

Essentials of simulation course

A 2 day course that follows the rules of simulation as a practiced by INACSAL, created by the experts in the CAE-Healthcare academy


 A2Z Simulation session

 A2Z Simulation session

One Day crash-course to on-board fresher Simulation technicians

In the purpose of setting up your center for success , we ensure that your freshers operators of simulation technicians and instructors understand the core concept of simulation as a teaching and learning methods and the different phases simulation sessions has as pre-briefing , Scenario and debriefing.

Vein Train

The Vein-Train clinical skill course provided by the Expert and book author Sarah Philips.

Book your course and we will send you a flatpack (Book early – allow a week to receive your vein)

VeinTrain is driven to make things better for patients by providing training solutions for Venepuncture and Cannulation and Intravenous Therapy since 2007Our Train the Trainer course is very popular as we give our best secrets away to help you get the best training

Provided online, with skills application on the flatpack and live practice sessions, convenience in learning without a compromise on quality.

Duration : 1 day

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