2nd Aug, 2022

dBMEDx: Revolutionising the Bladder Scan Diagnostics

Every disease needs to be correctly diagnosed before it can be treated. More often than not, various fatalities have been reported due to incorrect diagnosing of the diseases from the beginning. This is a severe dent in advanced modern medicine where techniques are poorly implemented to save a life because of a misdiagnosis. An accurate diagnosis is expected to have a more significant impact on any physician. Misdiagnosis and non-diagnosis lead to untreated diseases. With the ultrasound scan, we can diagnose various issues with great precision in the 21st century. With a clearer and higher definition image, the imaging quality has improved from 1-dimensional to 3-dimensional.

Human inventions undergo a series of evolutions to become valuable and compact. For example, we have moved from desktop computers to handheld computers from their early days as humongous systems. The dBMex is a miniature version of an auto bladder scanner. Although UV scanners have been around for about 50 years, but the BBS revolution technology offers unparalleled ease of use, speed, and technical know-how. This ultrasound scanner offers power and safety and sophisticated image processing capabilities. Traditional ultrasound scanners use one transducer, causing the technician to manipulate the scanner, while dBMex utilizes eight transducers for a wide-angle view of the pelvis. A lightweight, wireless probe on the scanner allows the technician to operate freely and flexibly.

Using ultrasound scanners is generally considered the most minimally invasive and safe and commonly used during pregnancy to check for abnormalities and breast biopsies as a diagnostic tool. Additionally, it is used to help during lengthy surgical procedures. A medicated gel known as aqua sonic is usually used to connect the device to the ulterior part of the body to observe it. With its wide range of frequencies, Aquasonic is an acoustically correct formula.

Through the BBS Revolution from dBMedX, the volume result is transmitted wirelessly to the display device. The scanner can be placed remotely from the display console due to the communication range of over 30 feet. Remote placement of the scanner has essential benefits for infection prevention. An isolation setting does not require bringing in the display console cart and only the wireless probe. In addition, patient-to-patient contamination is minimized and there is no need for disinfection, saving nurses a considerable amount of time.

Each scan begins with a series of self-tests and system checks to ensure that the device is functioning correctly. It also eliminates the need for annual calibration, another weakness of any scanner on the market, which adds high cost and inconvenience to scanning.

Using handheld ultrasound equipment, bladder scanners are non-invasive, relatively quick, and easy. An ultrasound probe and transducer reflect sound waves from the bladder in the scanner. A portable computer then calculates the bladder volume automatically using the data sent to it. In contrast to unnecessary catheterization, bladder scanning is painless for the patient. It is easy to conduct and takes only a few minutes. Sonographers are not necessary, and they may help to avoid unnecessary invasive procedures

A patient’s anxiety about the investigation can also cause residual urine, so it is crucial to ensure that he or she is relaxed before starting the analysis. By not exposing their genital areas during a scan, ultrasound scans reduce embarrassment and maintain patients’ dignity. Further, the ultrasound bladder does not cause pain or discomfort, meaning patients are less anxious. As long as the operator is skilled and there is residual urine, it is reliable and accurate. Furthermore, children can be treated without any complications with ultrasound. Another perk is that gloves and other equipment aren’t needed.

Leader Healthcare has always kept high standards on patient comfort and safety. Following those standards, dBMedx is falling under the exceptional product category where we envision scanning without the drama and chaos of a dark room setting. Let your clients experience a new trend in the phase of Bladder scanning and Leader Health is there to facilitate your apt need for patient care. For more inquiries reach out to us at marketing@leaderhealthcaregroup.com

Leader Healthcare has never compromised on patient comfort or safety. With dBMedx falling in the exceptional product category, where we envision scanning without any hassle or chaos in a dark room setting. Let your clients experience the cutting-edge trend of bladder scanning and we are here to facilitate your patient care needs aptly. For more inquiries, reach out to us at marketing@leaderhealthcaregroup.com

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