2nd Aug, 2022

Electrotherapy with No Limits

Injuries are part and parcel of an active lifestyle and what better way to heal a little tear and wear of the body if not Physiotherapy. Physiotherapy helps restore movement and function when someone is affected by injury, illness, or disability and Physiotherapists help people affected by injury, illness, or disability through movement and exercise, manual therapy, education and advice. This provides great support to people in earning their bodily aesthetics back together. These efforts go hand in hand even more when there is much-advanced support with a constant supply of innovative high-end physiotherapy machines. But what if we tell you that we have a brand that takes care of this and much more. Leader Healthcare proudly presents EME Italy, a leading company in the production of electromedical products for physiotherapy, aesthetic medicine and aesthetics alongside veterinary.

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Established in 1983, EME has strengthened its brand on an international level. Over time, EME was able to wisely merge the experience of professionals in the field, producing cutting-edge technologies resulting from an in-depth study of new trends of applied therapy, always combined with a modern design. Today, the reliability of EME products is globally recognized. EME successfully distributes its products, all certified as “Made in Italy,” in over 60 countries worldwide. The company internally manages 4 product lines, every one of which focuses on its own market field. It aims to design and produce Made in Italy technologies, investing in quality and innovation, developing cutting-edge products that meet the partners’ needs and guarantee tangible results for patients all over the World. All EME products offer the opportunity to feel good with our body, in health and harmony.

Heal-centric company EME® put together different generations, backgrounds and markets, gathering valuable information to responsibly improve the quality of people’s life. This health protection company holds the objective to significantly impact people’s health, mitigating their pain, helping them through their rehabilitation, and making them feel comfortable with their bodies. All EME® technologies result from continuous research and a strong synergy between the internal Research and Development department, the real heart of the company, and specialists in the sector and institutions. This allows the company to offer more performing and innovative solutions and update the existing ones to offer the market 100% Made in Italy cutting-edge and highly reliable products. Their products are currently distributed in over 60 countries worldwide with global recognition for quality and performance, so much that they have been chosen by sports teams, sports federations and high-level clinics.

Improving people’s life, by offering everyone the opportunity to feel good with their body, in health and harmony is an ultimate goal of EME. They have their products and expertise deep-rooted in:

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Line

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The EME Physio section deals with the design and production of Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine equipment. They provide a complete line of electromedical products for instrumental physical therapy to meet every physiotherapist’s needs. Internally, the company has produced every technology looking for quality and ease of use, taking particular care of the details and design for over 30 years. Moreover, we assist our customers, providing them with all the information needed to use the machines at their best.

Aesthetics & Aesthetic Medicine Line

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Aesthetic medicines generally relate to minimizing signs of aging such as skin laxity, wrinkles, and liver spots. It also plays a crucial role in the treatment of excess fat, cellulite and obesity. Laser-based therapies can be indicated for the treatment of scars, unwanted hair, skin discoloration, and spider veins. The EME Estetica section deals with the design and production of Aesthetics & Aesthetic Medicine Line pieces of equipment with a complete line of electromedical devices to fight skin and body blemishes, in accordance with natural beauty concept enabling professionals to work with high-quality standards and to patients to enjoy great results. Choosing EME Estetica means choosing a reliable partner, which provides its customers pre-and after-sales services and the necessary training to obtain the best return from our devices. For a beauty made of respect and balance.

Veterinary Physiotherapy Line

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Last but not least. From experience gained in the field of traditional physiotherapy and rehabilitation, EME presents Polyter Vet, the first portable and modular veterinary physiotherapy device.

Polyter Vet is the ideal solution both for veterinary clinics with many workstations and for veterinarians who practice home therapies. Lightweight, compact and resistant, Polyter Vet is perfect for treating muscular skeleton pathologies in animals such as dogs, cats and horses.

Physiotherapists use various tools to manage pain, restore range of motion, and treat musculoskeletal system conditions. They might recommend electrotherapy as a treatment option along with methods like joint mobilization, stretching, and targeted exercises. But only with constant usage of specialized devices of EME designed to deliver customized levels of electrical stimulation to your body’s nerves, muscles, or tendons, trained physiotherapists can harness the power of electrotherapy to treat injuries, promote healing, and offer pain relief.

Leader Healthcare assured that each product of EME is manufactured with extreme attention to its quality, functionality, and efficiency to meet Beauticians, Medical Aesthetic Doctors, and end users’ needs. Many ideas have arisen from the minds of these professionals and the processes of production, testing and distribution start from them. Internally we take care of every single activity in order to ensure maximum precision and attention in every detail.

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Leader Healthcare is proud to spread Made in Italy in the UAE market because we have always been convinced that only a high-quality product can establish a relationship of trust and loyalty with the customer for a long time.

We help people to feel better with themselves and to find serenity through beautiful and harmonious body.

Contact us at 043263980 or visit www.leaderhealthcaregroup.com for more info!

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