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17th May, 2022


HPSN WORLD 2019 01

Founded in 1997, the Human Patient Simulation Network (HPSN) has grown from a small community of pioneering nursing and health science educators into a robust and global network of medical faculty, clinicians, students and technical experts who gather throughout the year to interact, share knowledge, and explore the latest innovations in simulation-based medical education (SBME). The events are open to anyone with an interest in healthcare simulation.

The opening session Presented by the president of CAE-healthcare Robert Amyot was a brief of how Simulation Diverted from flight Simulator into Health Simulation where he introduced Multiple professionals and partners in a panel discussion of simulation experiences around the world featuring many simulation centers and university hospitals.

HPSN WORLD 2019 02
HPSN WORLD 2019 03

The HPSN 2019 world conference held various sessions, for all needs of simulation starting from the environment to prepare, the cost associated with it and focused mainly the need of simulation in the healthcare sectors as well as discussing many successful studies that proves the reliability of simulation technique in improving performance and minimizing human errors in the Medical practice.

The workshops provided to the attendees also focused on the progression of a simulated clinical experience and the essentials of simulation like the courses for briefing and debriefing focusing on skills handling the same.

Besides the showcase of their High fidelity and new range of mid-fidelity Manikins and Simulators, CAE-healthcare was proudly launching their first manikin of neonatal; Luna. The newly introduced manikin serves neonatal care nurses’ training and professional development.

HPSN WORLD 2019 04

Leader Healthcare group as a proud partner of CAE-healthcare was a participating partner in the HPSN this year via showcasing the Master-piece of simulation center renovated recently in Bahrain, the crown prince center for training and research and displaying a full turnkey solution for a simulation center.

HPSN WORLD 2019 05

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