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17th May, 2022

Integrating Simulation within Higher Colleges of Technology training, Fujairah

The new era has come with the latest technology, upbringing challenges that apply to each and every division. This can vary from entertainment and leisure, telecommunications, education and healthcare and much more. The advanced technology gives the healthcare division a leap into the future, in terms of procedures, diagnosis, and treatment. Over the years, simulation medical education has proven through research to give the learners more confidence when going into clinical practice. The concept of simulation focuses on preparing learners for the future work environment. This involves minimal risk factor possible for engaging participants by bringing clarity and definition to the concept of realism in healthcare simulation.
One of Leader Healthcares’ core competencies is to support clinical education through different types of learning. In early June 2018, the team of Leader Healthcare along with CAE Healthcare Academy conducted a 3 day learning session which catered to the faculty at Higher Colleges of Technology, Fujairah. At the Essentials of Simulation course , the participants got the opportunity to design, facilitate and debrief a simulated clinical experience. They also got the chance to discuss the best practice in educational philosophy where simulation is the chosen methodology.
The three day course content included : 
-History of Simulation in Healthcare
– Overview of teaching and learning using human patient simulation
-Learn best practices in scenario design and experience using medical simulation
– Facilitation and Debriefing – Methods of simulated learning experiences with a focus on developing effective debriefing skills
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