We offer a full-service healthcare solution with a deeply committed team of experts who can provide you with equipment information, mentoring, and guidelines.

As a customer, you are delegated to a dedicated account team that works to endorse custom-tailored programs.

Our Team is Your Team

As a comprehensive, full-service Healthcare provider, we offer a designated team of experts who provide you with product information, training and recommendations on our full range of equipment and supplies

As a customer, you are assigned a dedicated account team that works to support tailored programs designed for success

Customer Service

Our benefactors can contact us using the information provided below for any of your queries. Leader Healthcare Group understands the significance of providing clients with prompt and high-quality services. Leader Healthcare Group's customer service team fully comprehends what it takes to make our customers feel respected and valued. Because of our quality processes in product management and call managing, we are adept in implementing customer experience and retention programs.


To place an order or check on an existing order, please contact Customer Service  helpdesk@leaderhealthcaregroup.com.

Technical Support and Services

Feel free to contact us if you require any technical assistance or advice. Besides providing high-quality medical equipment, products, and technology from world-renowned manufacturers, we also offer an array of services to help you with your healthcare solution purchases.


To place an order or check on an existing order, please contact Customer Service  helpdesk@leaderhealthcaregroup.com.


We have a band of reliable and skilled engineers who are inclined to readily install your medical equipment. To make avail of the service, please email technical@leaderhealthcaregroup.com.


We are here to keep your equipment operating smoothly. In addition, we carry out periodic maintenance checks to ensure your purchases remain in peak condition. To enquire further, please contact technical@leaderhealthcaregroup.com.


In the event that equipment you have purchased malfunctions or breaks down, we will come quickly to perform any necessary repairs. Requests for callouts should be sent to technical@leaderhealthcaregroup.com.


Our experienced professionals make getting started with your modern equipment and technology simple. You can get onsite information and coaching by scheduling a training session or a demonstration today. Please contact technical@leaderhealthcaregroup.com to schedule a training session.