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 Mid-Fidelity Simulation Based Training in Neonatal Nursing

Mid-Fidelity Simulation Based Training in Neonatal Nursing

Leader Healthcare has partnered with Emirates hospital in Dubai, United Arab Emirates to create and to support a safe learning environment for neonatal care with C.H.A.R.L.I.E.
The care for neonatal patients especially newborn babies require specially trained health care professionals. Neonatal nurses at Emirates Hospital work with healthy newborn babies, newborns that needs specialized nursing care, and babies that need intensive medical attention at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit . The training of neonatal nurses starts with practicing their skills on neonatal patient care simulators. They simulate neonatal patients up to the age of one month and are suited for basic to advanced neonatal patient care training.
Baby Charlie which is a mid-fidelity simulator, has been designed and introduced to satisfy all training needs of the future nurses specializing in neonatal intensive care unit. With the help of Charlie, the nurses had the advantage of enhancing their skills in various procedures that are done frequently in neonatal care. Studies show that approximately 85 % of babies born at term will initiate spontaneous respiration within 10 to 30 seconds of birth. Cardiac-compression and heat compatibility makes Charlie the best trainer for Neonatal Advanced Life Support (NALS) and neonatal resuscitation. The nurses of Emirates Hospital got to practice all of the essentials of neonatal resuscitation and various birthing scenarios.

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