Partners by Specialities

  • HydraFacial

    Hydrafacial’s patented technology removes dead skin cells and impurities while simultaneously infusing the skin with nourishing, hydrating, and moisturizing serums. In just one session, your patients will experience a soothing and refreshing treatment that’s gentle yet immediately effective.

  • Is Clinical

    In the world of skincare, innovation, and research are essential when developing products that truly deliver on their claims. That’s where iS CLINICAL stands out among the rest. With a dedication to clinical validation and safety, this visionary company creates skincare solutions that are independently tested to ensure maximum performance and efficacy.

  • Oxygen Ceuticals

    OxygenCeuticals provides a skincare solution that combines the biochemical benefits of pure oxygen with skincare. Their specialized post-procedure care is tailored to suit individual skin concerns, and can be used both professionally and as a part of home care routines. With their customized oxygen-based skincare solutions, sensitized skin is nourished and revitalized, leaving it looking and feeling healthy.

  • Candela

    In the world of medical aesthetics, Candela’s technologies are leading the charge toward a brighter future. With their innovative energy-based solutions, physicians are empowered to provide a wide range of treatments for everything from benign vascular and pigmented lesions to scar revision, facial resurfacing, and wrinkle reduction.

  • Sonoqueen

    The safest and most comfortable HIFU for non-Surgical Face & Body Lifting and Tightening.
    SonoQueen delivers micro-focused ultrasound energy (up to 1.2J) to dermal and SMAS (Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System) layers in a non-invasive way using HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) technology for face lifting, skin tightening and wrinkle treatment.

  • Storz

    STORZ MEDICAL is setting new standards in urology, cardiology, orthopaedics, rheumatology. Our products have proved their efficacy in urology in millions of cases. Our medical products have already proven themselves a million times over in urology. The benefits of non-invasive technology have been extended to other medical disciplines.

  • Cutera

    Founded in 1998, Cutera’s mission is simple one: to offer the best and safest medical aesthetic treatments for superior outcomes. By offering devices that appeal to forward-thinking clinicians, Cutera is bringing game-changing technology to a wide range of medical aesthetic applications.

  • Sciton

    Founded in 1997 by Dr. Jim Hobart and Dr. Dan Negus, Sciton is a world leader in laser medical devices. With a stated goal of improving people’s lives, Sciton’s product line is unparalleled in terms of its quality and performance in the aesthetic and cosmetic surgery fields.

  • Clarteis

    Clarteis is a French company having its headquarters in Sophia Antipolis,the biggest European echnopole located on the French Riviera.
    The whole company is driven by innovation and quality: two characteristics clearly visible on our products. Clarteis is ISO 13485:2016 certified for its quality management and the exciplex® is now approved as a medical device in more than 45 countries worldwide (Europe, USA, Japan, Australia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE..etc.)

  • Forlle'd

    Forlle’d introduces intelligent skin care solution based on the state-of-the-art patented technology, bioengineered formulations, carefully selected ingredients and the unique delivery system. Developed and manufactured in Japan using the latest scientific discoveries, Forlle’d products help to efficiently restore the skin, preserving its health and natural beauty at any age.

  • Ballancer Pro

    The Ballancer®Pro is the safest and most state-of-the-art compression therapy system in the world. FDA-cleared and backed by decades of medical studies, this technology is based on the proven principles of manual lymphatic massage.
    “Light years” ahead of other systems and has therefore been coined “The Rolls-Royce of Lymphatic Massage”.

  • Celluma

    Celluma light therapy improves cellular health to reduce the signs of aging, relieve pain, and eliminate acne.

  • EXO | E

    EXO|E Skin Revitalizing Complex is based on a patent-protected biofriendly formula that helps ensure perfect compatibility with the skin. The treatment protocol includes D|TOX, EXO|E, and RE|PAIR to be applied over an 11-day regimen for in-office and at-home use. Practitioners tell us that using this technology enhances results and speeds up desired outcomes for an elevated patient experience.

  • NassifMD

    Backed by real results from real people, Dr. Nassif formulates his skincare using a Combination of innovative and known proven ingredients in synergistically combined formulas.

    All NassifMD products are clinically proven to deliver one or more of these benefits: Exfoliate, Hydrate, Nourish and Protect – to give you healthy, radiant, youthful skin.

  • NeoGenEvo

    Following the success of NeoGenPSR and SPA, Energist launched the next generation of plasma technology in the NeoGenEVO, purposely designed for Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists and Aesthetic Doctors who want to stand out from their peers.

  • Soniquence

    Soniquence and the Ellman family is dedicated to providing medical, veterinary, and dental practices with state-of-the-art, industry-leading radiofrequency technology. Our coupled radiofrequency technology utilizes patented 4.0 MHz and 1.7MHz radiofrequency technology to improve patient safety, outcomes, and experiences.

  • Glacial® fx

    Glacial® fx• is the first compact multi-modality system that uses the power of precision cooling to brighten and stimulate healthy, youthful skin.

  • Zoll

    ZOLL has been dedicated to advancing emergency care and saving lives since its founding in 1980. Their innovative technologies, including medical devices, software, and related services, have made a meaningful difference in the lives of patients suffering from serious cardiopulmonary and respiratory conditions worldwide. ZOLL’s defibrillation and cardiac monitoring technologies, circulation enhancement, CPR feedback, ventilation, and therapeutic temperature management help medical professionals provide the best care possible in emergency situations.

  • Votem

    In 2007, Votem was established with the goal of distributing the world’s No.1 ICU solutions worldwide. With the keyword “value innovation” that focuses on the most needed value, Votem prioritizes hearing what medical staff and patients need in the field. With continuous effort to fully satisfy those needs, Votem is now proudly exporting its high-quality patient monitors and other products to more than 80 countries.


    For over 75 years, FAMED has supplied medical facilities with reliable and durable operating tables, hospital beds, treatment chairs, and other medical equipment. In addition to their excellent product range, FAMED provides experienced and comprehensive technical support. This ensures a high level of customer satisfaction for all of your medical equipment needs. With FAMED, you can rest assured that your medical facility is equipped with the best and most reliable products on the market.


    Metro is the global manufacturer of original Super Erecta wire shelving and a vast array of storage & productivity products including advanced polymer shelving, medical and special application carts, storage cabinets, heated cabinets, high-density shelving, wall storage systems, stainless fabricated products, and much more.

  • Spencer

    As one of the leading manufacturers of emergency, rescue, safety and mortuary devices in the world, Spencer offers an extensive range of high-quality products that ensure operator safety, prevent injuries, and deliver exceptional performance when it matters most. With over 1,700 products designed to meet the unique needs of emergency responders, Spencer is committed to providing reliable, efficient, and effective solutions that save lives and protect communities.

  • MicroX

    The Rover is designed to perform radiographic X-ray examinations for disease/injury detection, diagnosis, medical and surgical treatment planning, and therapy monitoring, where patient condition contraindicates transport to a fixed X-ray unit. The Rover can be used on pediatric and adult patients, in all patient treatment areas. To adapt to these different circumstances, we have different options available upon request.

  • HiSense

    Our HD60 ultrasound solutions achieve higher standards of imaging algorithms, delivering a more accurate original sound based on a GPU parallel architecture. It processes vast levels of acoustic data simultaneously, while also providing users with a more precise and higher quality image.

  • Soniquence

    Soniquence and the Ellman family is dedicated to providing medical, veterinary, and dental practices with state-of-the-art, industry-leading radiofrequency technology. Our coupled radiofrequency technology utilizes patented 4.0 MHz and 1.7MHz radiofrequency technology to improve patient safety, outcomes, and experiences.


    With the surgical lamps of the UNICA series, RIMSA has achieved the complete elimination of the main-beam effect.
    Unique offers a deep light, layered and, above all, that does not dazzle. The reflection passes through a screen with a roughness index such as to stratify and collide the light beam.

  • Megasan

    The founders of MEGASAN Medical Gas Systems, Medical Equipments & Healthcare Products Inc., started to work in the medical gas sector in 1981 with installation and maintenance of the Medical Gas Systems and its components.

  • OPIKar

    The company’s main activity is the execution of mechanical and plant engineering works, clean and sterile rooms and operating theatres.
    Our activities are suitable for absolute cleanrooms in the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, chemical, automotive, semiconductor, food and beverage industries, as well as in manufacturing plants with specific requirements for absolute clean air. In addition, we have a strong presence in the healthcare sector in recent years.

  • Tekno

    For over four decades, Tekno has been blazing a trail in the field of medical technology. Founded in 1976, this innovative company has grown into a worldwide operating force with a passion for improving health outcomes. And it’s easy to see why. The Tekno range of products covers all aspects of surgery and endoscopy, with a vast array of instruments that cater to specialized disciplines.

  • Plantec

    At PlantTec Medical, we always think one step ahead: we create solutions for relevant medical problems in a simple yet highly effective way. We want to contribute to improving surgical standards and at the same time raise awareness about the major problem of adhesions.

  • Vimedix

    Elevate Healthcare is one of three core businesses of Elevate Healthcare, a high-technology company that makes the world safer through cutting-edge training and critical operations solutions in healthcare, aviation and defense/security.

    In collaboration with our customers, we empower practitioners and educators to perform at their best every day and when the stakes are highest by providing them with simulation-based solutions that enhance medical outcomes and make society safer.

  • Cardionics

    Cardionics sets the pace for auscultation products and services through the development of unique and interactive teaching systems that integrate seamlessly into classroom or clinical settings. It is our mission to make the world a better place through experiential and educational innovations. We aim to achieve this goal by providing the healthcare industry and medical educators with reliable, high-quality products that provide value to our customers and partners worldwide.

  • Adam Rouilly

    Assisting diversity in teaching in relation to Anatomical Models, able to supply SOMSO® Models in white or black skin tones.

  • Innov2Learn

    Innov2Learn was born from Mike Boutin’s strong passion for innovation and technology. He developed his first simulation device as part of an open innovation challenge led by Montreal’s CHUM back in 2016, while a student in Microelectronics and Robotics at GeraldGodin. The reaction was unanimous: the device offered new opportunities for the CHUM, allowing for realistic training scenarios at a low cost, and bettering the overall quality of healthcare education. That’s when Innov2Learn began to take off.

  • Avkin

    Avkin offers a superior solution to the inherent limitations of mankind-based stimulation.

  • Limbs & Things

    Limbs & Things is a leading healthcare simulation manufacturer committed to improving patient outcomes by facilitating realistic learning experiences.

  • iSimulate

    n January 2020, 3B Scientific, the world’s leading manufacturer and marketer of anatomical models and medical simulation products for healthcare and patient education, announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire iSimulate Pty. Ltd. (“iSimulate”), a leader in clinical education technology offering smart and cost effective medical simulation solutions.

    “iSimulate has revolutionized simulation training in healthcare through its creative simulation solutions including ALSi, REALITi, CTGi and AURiS,” said Todd Murray, CEO of 3B Scientific. “We are extremely excited to further develop the 3B Scientific platform and add the great products and people of iSimulate to our company. Our 3B Scientific global distribution footprint including fourteen commercial locations is uniquely positioned to further support and accelerate the growth of iSimulate products worldwide.”

  • Nasco Healthcare

    At Nasco Healthcare, we believe in the frontline healthcare and rescue workers that are charged with caring for those in need and ready to serve at a moment’s notice.

    They are selfless, humble and often driven as if this was their higher calling. They don’t think of themselves as heroes, but that’s exactly what they are. Long stretches of mundane tasks may fill the day.

    But at any moment, they are catapulted into action. Making split-second decisions with lives hanging in the balance. The situations are unpredictable – but they are steady.

  • OtoSim

    Introducing the new standard of excellence in otolaryngology
    simulation and training technology. Increase Accuracy – OtoSim™ has been shown to improve diagnostic accuracy by more than 50%. NEW system enhancements optimize student training in diagnosing and treating ear pathologies.

  • MedVision

    MedVision is a global company committed to the advancement of educational excellence in quality healthcare through medical simulation. Our designs and leading-edge technologies define our range of adult, pediatric, neonatal and surgical simulators

  • Body Interact

    Founded in January 2008 by Teresa Pinto and Pedro Pinto, Take the Wind (TTW) is a leading company in technology for clinical education, with clients worldwide including major scientific societies, hospitals, medical schools, nursing schools and Continued Medical Education providers as well as top-10 pharma companies in more than 35 countries.

    Our mission is to empower healthcare professionals and students towards reducing the impact of clinical errors, every day and everywhere.

    With a hugely talented team and with thanks to those who guided and supported us at the beginning of our journey, our story is made of a consistent combination of science, design, and technology to deliver cutting-edge solutions and continuously create value for our clients and business partners.

  • SimX VR

    SimX is the world’s leading VR medical simulation training platform of patient simulators for nurses, physicians, and first responders.

  • Cyber Patient

    A fully interactive experiential learning platform that closes the gap between the theory and practice of medicine. A memorable way for your students to practice core clinical competencies on demand in a safe virtual clinical environment, reflecting start-to-finish patient management.

  • TacMed

    The first TacMed Simulation manikin was developed under a research and development contract with the U.S. Army ARL-STTC to design and build a new medical training system for the treatment of severe blast trauma. The resulting technology was so effective and well-received that TacMed Simulation was launched as a commercial product line.

  • Pocket Nurse

    Pocket Nurse is a leading supplier in medical education supplies for healthcare simulation. Here, you will find solutions for healthcare educational programs for including nursing education, EMS training, pharmacy tech, physical therapy, and other allied healthcare programs. Shop Pocket Nurse’s popular Demo Dose® line, PPE supplies, diagnostic equipment and more.

  • Pharmacy Simulator

    Pharmacy Simulator is a fully 3D simulated learning environment for pharmacists. Navigate a range of realistic patient encounters and learn from the detailed feedback. Enjoyed by both pharmacy students and professionals, in the classroom and at home.

  • Virteasy Dental

    Virteasy Dental is a simulator that combines virtual reality and haptics. Your students will evolve in an immersive 3D scene in conditions similar to the real thing with a state-of-the-art teaching tool.


    BE.MED.SKILLED is engaged in its own development and production of educational simulators, development and modernization of existing simulators, as well as the development and implementation of hardware and software systems for conducting Objective Structured Clinical Exam (OSСE) with the possibility of video-audio recording and automation of the process of specialists` accreditation.
    BE.MED.SKILLED provides warranty and post-warranty services for manufactured products and complexes, provides training to end-users, regularly takes part in specialized exhibition events.

  • Sectra

    Sectra AB is a Swedish company founded in 1978 active within medical technology and encrypted communication systems.

  • Erler Zimmer

    ErlerZimmer GmbH&Co.KG is a German manufacturer of high-quality educational materials for professional medical education. With our many years of experience in the field of production, we have specialized in the manufacture of high-quality anatomical models, medical simulators, and X-ray phantoms. – Made in Germany, of course!

  • True Phantom Solutions

    True Phantom Solutions offers novel technology to fabricate unique materials with realistic physical and mechanical properties similar to the properties of real human tissue and bones. The unique proprietary composition of our material allows for imitating healthy and unhealthy human bones with adjustable features to suit your research or teaching needs.

  • The Institute for Advanced Clinical Imaging

    The Institute for Advanced Clinical Imaging (IACI) was founded in 2005 with the clear mission to provide advanced education and training tools for diagnostic imaging professionals.
    IACI looks to the future by continually improving its tools & technology while building a community of institutions and users across the world.

  • 3D Organon

    3D Organon is a medical & healthcare education platform for teaching and learning anatomy across virtual reality, desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. 3D Organon VR Anatomy, 3D Organon’s prime solution, is the world’s first fully-featured VR anatomy software.

  • Vantari VR

    Vantari is a leading health technology company which helps clinicians, nurses and students practice medical procedures in a safe, scalable VR environment in order to reduce medical error and improve patient outcomes. As a global leader in critical care and cardiology training, Vantari has partnerships with major tertiary hospitals, universities and medical device companies globally in US, Europe, Australia, Middle East and India.

  • 3B Scientific

    3B Scientific was founded in 1948 in Hamburg, Germany and has grown to be one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Medical and Science Education solutions. The product portfolio covers a complete and comprehensive range of equipment for simulation and skill training, anatomy, healthcare and patient education, and is continuously updated with new products and innovations.

  • von Hagens Plastination

    As the leader in plastination, our range of innovative educational resources is designed to teach current and future medical and healthcare professionals. Improving the anatomical knowledge and education of future doctors is ingrained in our service and commitment to the medical and health sciences.

  • Somso Modelle

    SOMSO produces the finest quality collection of models that are used for teaching throughout the world. With over 1,000 anatomical, zoological, and botanical models, most experts recognize Somso as the ultimate for teaching aids and scientific demonstration. Somso has the experience of manufacturing the very best quality models that are highly durable and the most anatomically correct. Somso models are superbly instructive and accurate, with superior quality enabling students to experience models that are the truest forms to nature.

  • MBF Bioscience

    MBF Bioscience is a biotech company that develops microscopy software and hardware for bioscience research and education. We design quantitative imaging software for stereology, neuron reconstruction, and image analysis, integrated with the world’s leading microscope systems, to empower your research.

  • Ginkgomed

    Ginkgomed Company was founded in 2007 with accumulated experience of the founder in participating medical teaching, scientific research for two decades and being a business partner with others in the past 10 years. Evolved from the experience of holding the Body Exploration Exhibition, the founder has a deep thought of development and trend of medical education.

  • Genelyn

    Genelyn North America was founded with a revolutionary spirit and an ambitious objective: to offer the funeral profession a line of embalming products that reduce exposure to hazardous vapours, odours, and toxicity while improving distribution, penetration, preservation and colour.

  • AFOS Medical

    AFOS has a global reputation for the design and manufacture of high-quality stainless medical equipment. AFOS specializes in providing a total design, manufacture, and installation service of mortuary and pathology equipment.

  • Mixta

    MİXTA was established in 2007 as a result of 15 years of experience in the healthcare sector and developing tailor-made solutions on hospital projects. We have completed 35+ hospital projects, 420+ different hospital departments in 83 countries since it was founded.
    Having a large product range to meets all the needs in all departments of hospital in addition to this we do hospital projects which we can provide turnkey solutions for the Central Sterile Supply Departments, Patient Rooms, Morgue Departments, Anatomy Laboratories, Endoscopic Examination Rooms and Operating Theatres with our high-quality production, best serviceability, and competitive price policy.

  • Reality works

    Realityworks provides comprehensive learning solutions that pair curriculum with hands-on learning aids, student activities and assessment tools to create innovative learning environments. These solutions are used in middle, secondary and post-secondary schools to engage students, teach needed skills and provide career exploration opportunities.

  • Vet effects

    Established in 2010 in Burbank, California, Vet Effects creates cutting edge, life-like animal training manikins. Vet Effects’ goal is to provide the veterinary industry with the most realistic and humane training tools by way of our special effects animal manikins.
    With over 10 years of experience in the “special effects” industry, Vet Effects creates animal manikins that are specifically designed to replicate the feel and experience of an actual step-by-step procedure. We provide a realistic and safe alternative for learning, and pride ourselves in being animal and environmentally friendly.

  • Vetiqo

    Vetiqo’s innovative simulators make the unique combination of practical teaching and animal welfare possible! Our models are used in training veterinarians, farmers and veterinary technicians as well as in experimental animal science.

  • VSI

    At VSI, we are more than just an animal health distributor. We are committed to facing and working through every challenge and celebrating your successes along the way. VSI is focused on helping maximize your profit on your cattle or poultry operation. Through the years, VSI has become a trusted partner in giving farms and ranches the support they need to run their business effectively.

  • Rescue Critters

    Rescue Critters® was established in 1998. The inspiration to develop alternatives came from the realization that live animals were being practiced on to teach pet first aid. This subsequently led to the development of animal training mannikins catered to the veterinary profession.

  • Surgireal

    SurgiReal’s award-winning products have been adopted by hundreds of universities, colleges, and training centers in the United States and even more around the world. Every day, students training to be the nurse practitioners, physician’s assistant, and even veterinarians of tomorrow are gaining greater confidence and control of the essentials kills of the trade when they train on SurgiReal.

  • SmartMan

    SmartMan defines quality in a clear objective scientific way. Its products are built on proprietary sensors designed to produce high levels of accuracy and reliability.

  • Kyoto Kagaku
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