2nd Aug, 2022

Physiotherapy with AidFlex on the Strands of Flexibility

Help your body get into a state of conscious, biomechanically correct exercise prescribed by your physiotherapist or doctor with AidFlex MFTR. Healthy individuals may find these exercises easy, but individuals suffering from diseases or injuries to the central nervous system may find them difficult or even impossible. Because of this, they are specifically designed for complex trauma recovery. AidFlex helps to perform complex rehab therapies in one convenient location. The treatment is effective for conditions ranging from simple musculoskeletal pain to progressive degenerative diseases of the joints and spine and complex neurologic ailments characterized by loss of sensation and independent movement.


AidFlex therapy uses a physical therapy adjunct known as Sling suspension as its fundamental principle. Sling suspension combines therapeutic exercise with mechanical principles. By suspending a part of the body or the whole body in the air, gravity and friction caused by motion can be minimized. It is a form of exercise therapy. Sling suspension apparatuses have a metallic frame with four corner posts of support. Ropes attached to the frame allow the sling to be connected and are adjustable in length. Spiral Steel Springs and double harness hooks will be further attached and calibrated based on the force required to extend them to their full size. Therefore, the slings can be easily and quickly attached to the harness hooks on the connecting ropes. Users or instructors can maximize its use by moving strings attached to slings and pulling on its pulleys.

AidFlex is all about flexibility. A wide range of musculoskeletal disorders can be treated using this multifunctional equipment. You have everything you need to work with a patient, whether they are seated, upright, or in the supine position. Those who know NEURAC methods, and others, can use this machine without having to undergo retraining. AidFlex allows you to customize the device to fit any patient’s needs with its user-friendly and customizable settings. The double support model can accommodate patients who weigh up to 120 pounds. Using a built-in verticalizer, patients can be lifted effortlessly from wheelchairs and beds. AidFlex’s automatic lifting mechanism facilitates the mobility of even wheelchair-bound patients while unloading in the supine position. Also, you can adjust the equipment’s height by the doctor’s preferences. The AidFlex can move smoothly in any direction due to a specialized ball-bearing mechanism.

As an AidFlex user, you will benefit from using kinesiotherapy, a key element of physical therapy. In the transition from hospital to home, kinesiotherapy is an ideal treatment. In general, it is an exercise program that involves the movement of the limbs or the whole body and is designed to enhance, develop, maintain, and modify the function of the musculoskeletal systems and organs of mobility. Patients will improve their ability to move during kinesitherapy by maximizing their potential. Several kinesthetics techniques are employed in AidFlex. Therapy using mobile suspension equipment, Dynamic weight distribution and mobilization systems, weight-bearing while standing or sitting, active-passive verticalization, and Bodyweight management exercises.

Instructors who use AidFlex MFTR can gradually integrate other equipment, starting with the most basic and working their way outward. It is possible to create exercises of any complexity with a universal unloading system and cable traction power module. AidFlex’s adjustable rope length allows users to adjust the load based on their abilities and progress. The most advanced forms of therapy can be used by combining the unloading mechanism, the lifting mechanism, and the power column. Keeping the body upright is facilitated by the handrails of AidFlex.

Several treatments of AidFlex are available, ranging from simple back pains and elbow pains to more complex conditions such as arthrosis, osteoarthrosis, radiculitis, scoliosis, paralysis, kyphosis, and spine and disk injury, impaired posture. In addition to its medicinal properties, it can also be used to exercise the lower back, neck, and glutes and to lose weight. Besides providing balance, coordination, endurance, and muscle strengthening exercises, AidFlex is also an excellent tool for sportspeople who want to keep fit.

Leader Health is highly confident in this versatile physiotherapy device, which exceeds established requirements. With the experience of Aid flex technology, physiotherapists and doctors can be at ease and have a pocketful of delighted clients. Contact us at marketing@leaderhealthcaregroup.com to learn more about AidFlex, the elastic instrument that boosts your flexibility.

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