BBL hero

BBL hero

Broadband light (BBL) technology offers quick and comfortable treatments that are great for treating sunspots, discoloration, and uneven skin texture. With minimal downtime, BBL HERO is perfect for corrective treatments or as part of an ongoing skin care regimen. Patients will see noticeable improvement within weeks, with continued improvement over time.

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Available In: United Arab Emirates | Saudi Arabia | Qatar | Kuwait | Bahrain | Oman
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The Solution for Your Top Skin Concerns: Pigmentation, Photo Damage, Acne, Redness & More

Legend has it that one sip from the fabled fountain of youth restores health and vitality. The modern-day equivalent for restored skin health? Sciton’s proprietary technology, BBL HERO—rooted in science and backed by thousands of reviews and incredible before and afters. This award-winning treatment improves the appearance of aging skin and reduces rosacea, acne, melasma, and sun spots comfortably and with little to no downtime. Put old wives’ tales to rest and choose a trusted treatment for healthy skin.