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As one of the most versatile laser devices on the market, the JOULE diVa is the go-to choice for medical professionals specializing in skin treatment. Its ability to coagulate, vaporize, ablate, or cut soft tissue makes it an indispensable tool in a variety of settings, from Dermatology and Plastic Surgery to Gynecology and Podiatry.

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Available In: United Arab Emirates | Saudi Arabia | Qatar | Kuwait | Bahrain | Oman
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Innovative Laser Option for Women’s Health 
The JOULE laser and accessories with ablative and non-ablative wavelengths are regarded as ideal options in gynecological and genitourinary/urological medicine for excision, incision, ablation, vaporization, and coagulation of soft tissue.
For a complete list of our FDA cleared indications diVa’s thoughtful design allows for patient comfort and ease of use

  • diVa expands the broad range of the Joule Platform capabilities to address women’s wellness.
  • diVa’s dual-wavelength hybrid technology and tunability allows customization based on a patient’s age and symptoms
  • diVa is the only device available that includes HPA (High Precision Automation) technology to ensure optimal outcomes for patients and predictability for the operator