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Task Trainers
Nasco Healthcare

Task Trainers

Leader Healthcare is dedicated to providing pioneer solutions for training and development of healthcare professionals through innovative affordable manikins and task trainers solutions. We offer a broad selection of task trainers ranges from CPR, Airway, Moulage, Surgery, ENT, Ophthalmology, Obstetrics and Gynecology, full body manikins ,torsos and more.

All our task trainers are anatomically correct manikin and manufactured by the best worldwide manufactures in USA, Canada, Australia, UK and Europe

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Available In: Lebanon | Afghanistan | Cabo Verde | Yemen | Armenia | Central African Republic | Syria | Azerbaijan | Equatorial Guinea | Türkiye | Pakistan | Ghana | Palestine | Comoros | Guinea-Bissau | Cyprus | Georgia | Madagascar | United Arab Emirates | Algeria | Nigeria | Mali | Saudi Arabia | Libya | Kenya | Mozambique | Qatar | Tunisia | Gabon | South Africa | Kuwait | Morocco | Mauritius | Bahrain | Djibouti | Namibia | Oman | Mauritania | Togo | Israel | Somalia | Burkina Faso | Iran | Sudan | Angola | Jordan | Ethiopia | Benin | Iraq | Western Sahara | Cameroon
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Nasco Healthcare task trainers enable frontline health professionals to be prepared to give the care intended to improve patient outcomes and to save lives, from in-hospital treatment to casualty and rescue scenarios. Because Nasco has a broad range of upgradeable solutions ranging from essential to high definition, you could choose the appropriate training option for your evolving needs.