Zoll AED Trainer
Zoll AED Trainer

Zoll AED Trainer

  • ZOLL AED 3 Trainer device
  • ZOLL AED 3 Trainer CPR Uni-padz® electrode training harness
  • Trainer electrode gels/liner for ZOLL AED 3 Trainer CPR Uni-padz
  • Four (4) D cell batteries
  • Operator’s Guide

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  • Description

CPR and first aid instructors can use the ZOLL AED trainer to give their students a glimpse of what it’s like to save a life. This trainer replicates all characteristics and prompts of standard defibrillators and incorporates a cordless remote that allows the user to access multiple AED Plus Trainers. With this convenient remote, instructors may introduce a variety of rescue situations and download the relevant AED trainer software in less than 2 seconds.