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Human Cadavers, Specimens and Anatomical Fixatives

As a Leader in Medical Education and Simulation, our approach to providing you with effective service in cadaver supply with emphasis on safety, security, consistency and reliability. A safe, well documented source of human tissue specimens for medical research and training, procured by trained laboratory staff, complete with medical and social history of the donor with each human tissue specimen. Accreditation by the American Association of Tissue Banks.

– All tissue will meet or exceed our client expectations under all reasonable circumstances;
– We will provide customized options based on individual client requests, under all reasonable circumstances, and;
– We will set the standard of excellence for all donor screening, document controls, and shipping to ensure the safety and quality of all human tissue specimens.

Anatomical Fixatives

We have a full range of fixing agent for the preservation of anatomical preparations and an agent that gently complexes formaldehyde destroying its harmful vapors without compromise to tissue fixation.

The fixation of anatomical specimens for long-term preservation is crucial for the preservation of tissue. Depending on the problem and the purpose of presentation, fixatives for fine structure preservation, colour retention, preparation methods or long-term preservation are used.”

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