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Lifecast’s new Micro-Preemie Baby Manikin has been created by the highly skilled team at Elstree Studios along with the invaluable assistance of Dr Alok Sharma, Consultant Neonatologist at Southampton Hospital, England.

The development of a manikin that can help prepare healthcare providers in the urgent medical management of these most vulnerable of patients has been a significant challenge and Leader Healthcare is very proud bringing it to this to market.

Since micro preemies are born several months before their due dates, they face long stays in the neonatal intensive care units (NICU) and although many extremely premature babies grow up with no long-term effects, most face severe health problems at birth. The initial treatment they receive can have a dramatic impact on how the babies develop over the short and long term and therefore effective medical education plays a critical part in optimizing this care.

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Key Features

The world’s first 22–23-week Micro-Preemie Manikin
True average weight representation – 500grams
Realistic hand painted silicone skin
Anatomically accuracy outer body and internal airway
Developed in conjunction with leading Neonatologists

Nasal & Oral access for nasal prongs, OP airways and Intubation
Ventilation with normal volumes and pressures
Tension pneumothorax function – including chest drain and needle decompression
Umbilical cord access with sump for flashback when UVC placed.
Nasogastric tube placement


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