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Surgical Manikin

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Introducing the Harley2, world’s first 3-year-old emergency resternotomy manikin
Harley2 has been created from a collaboration between the team at Lifecast Body Simulation Ltd and the Royal Brompton Hospital in London. Harley has been specifically designed to facilitate high fidelity simulation of emergency resternotomy for cardiac deterioration/arrest following cardiac surgery.

Emergency resternotomy is an integral and time-critical part of resuscitation following cardiac surgery that requires efficient teamworking between all members of the multi-disciplinary team.

Designed and developed by clinicians and educators, Harley2 is the only model on the market offering the level of realism required to engage the entire multi-disciplinary healthcare team in emergency resternotomy with a 3-year-old toddler (paediatric) scenario.

Harley2 is ideal for team training within the cardiac intensive care and operating theatre setting and has the capability to simulate a realistic tamponade or catastrophic haemorrhage.

Harley2 – key features

Anatomical Accuracy
Life-like facial features and hair for a 3-year-old toddler
Durable silicone body with life-like floppiness
Hand painted by professional special effects artists
Realistic skin like feel
Suitable for supine or semi-recumbent positions

Pre-made incision in skin
Reinforced silicone skin and fat layers, allowing realistic suturing
Durable retractable sternum with pre-made holes for sternal wires closure
Specialised sternal resistance mechanism to provide convincing feel on reopening
Realistic chest and pericardial cavity with ribs, sternum, heart, & diaphragm (please note lungs are included in cavity)
Silicone heart has accurate external anatomy and allows internal cardiac massage to be performed

Endotracheal tube in-situ
Accommodates assisted ventilation via bag valve mask and mechanical support (please note – chest does not rise – but lung movement can be seen and felt)

Central venous access established
May give drugs and fluids as required
Arterial access with ability to aspirate simulated blood
Supplied with bleeding system which creates pressurised blood loss and creates tamponade within the chest cavity.

2 sets of chest drains included (patent and blocked)
Drains interchangeable for individual scenario requirements

We have also added ability for External pacing wires to be inserted through the chest and abdomen


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