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Otosim 2™

OtoSim 2™ Introducing the new standard of excellence in otolaryngology simulation and training technology.

NEW system enhancements optimize student training in diagnosing and treating ear pathologies.

  • OtoSim 2™ Upgrades – New Software, New Hardware, New Capabilities.
  • Close the learning feedback loop – monitor student progress through the instrumented otoscope.
  • Expand student knowledge – system includes access to 380 high-resolution images, double the amount of images in OtoSim 1™.
  • Maximize instructor efficiency – connect up to 14OtoSim™ units to a single trainer laptop to effectively instruct groups simultaneously.
  • Supplement classroom instruction – comes with 150 pre-annotated images accessible to students for self-directed learning.
  • Improve viewer retention – features immersive full-screen experience with easy-to-use graphical interface.
  • Enhance student proficiency – includes series of advanced quizzes featuring randomized, realistic clinical scenarios that test both medical and patient interaction skills.


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