Exciplex Phototherapy 308Nm


Exciplex phototherapy is the smallest and the most innovative monochromatic 308 nm excimer light to treat autoimmune skin diseases such as Vitiligo and psoriasis. It is a unique excimer system thanks to the patented technology. Exciplex is very light (950 g), easy to use, transportable and very powerful. Its clinical efficiency has been proved in more than 180 clinical studies. The treatment is painless and very safe. The light is delivered to the lesion with high precision thanks to reduction tips, thus allowing to protect the surrounding healthy skin. Exciplex Phototherapy delivers photons at a specific wavelength of 308 nm. This wavelength has been proved that it is best to treat vitiligo and psoriasis. Exciplex phototherapy influences skin as local immunosuppression that to the UVB photons. It induces the apoptosis of T cells responsible for skin autoimmune disease.






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