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Imperium Master

Imperium Master is more than an ordinary beauty treatment of the face and the body. The therapeutic approach may be Endogenous (Biostimolulation) and Exogenous (Transdermal delivery of formulas without using needles).

Imperium Master is not just an ordinary beauty treatment device, it is an innovative technology that helps our body regenerate itself in a natural manner, immediately improving the physical aspect and overall well-being.

With Imperium Master results are immediately visible: the face looks young and bright, the body will find the always desired shape.

Imperium Master promotes a deep exfoliating action (epidermoabrasion) through the use of low frequency ultrasound (25Khz) which purify the skin and eliminate 50% of the corneous layer. Epidermoabrasion offers more benefits than traditional chemical peelings, avoiding side effects which can be severe, such as pigmentation alterations, acne, allergies and other undesirable effects. At 40Khz Imperium Master promotes cavitation effects to treat selectively the body fat without side effects or downtime, and with results that last over time.


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