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Imperium Med 400

Imperium MED400

This technological marvel, the maximum expression of “Diatermologie concept”, belongs to the Imperium line, a family of highly technological devices for treatments in professional aesthetics, through the emission of energy flows (radiofrequency) of high intensity (400 watts) that develop endogenous heat. This equipment comes from a choice of intelligent energy able to give a definite therapeutic effect, having been designed to activate, accelerate and amplify the intra- and extracellular effects in the human tissue freeing them from dysfunctional and pathological conditions. Imperium Med 400 is also an effective work station for treatment of the face. Its specific handpieces allow targeted treatments of various levels: Biostimulation tissue; Stimulation of collagen type I and type III; Collagenesis ablative and non-ablative for skin tightening; Epidermoabrasion / peeling per ultrasound; Wrinkle treatment of various entities.









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