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Pistor 5


Smoothness and ergonomics at your service It’s smooth running, its particularly studied ergonomic design and its lightness allow comfort of use for the practitioner and the patient. Fitted with a battery last generation (lithium-ion), PISTOR 5 has an extended autonomy of above 36 hours, and fast recharging time (maximum 2 hours). Completely wireless, PISTOR 5 allows fast and hand free intervention. PISTOR 5 is equipped with embedded electronic for configuration of the needle penetration depth. PISTOR 5 has an integrated and automatic anti-leak system, occurring after each and every injection, that avoids waste of product. Power and speed of injection together with the accuracy of delivered doses have been specially conceived to ensure identical functionality whatever the type of syringe or needle used. The only programmable injector : With its 6 pre-set injection modes, the PISTOR 5 is the most complete and most precise tool for a modern mesotherapy treatment:






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