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CO2RE is a versatile platform which offers proven solutions for skin resurfacing, wrinkle and scar reduction, pigmentation, minor dermal incisions and excisions, and now vaginal treatments. CO2RE gives you the ability to treat both superficial and deep skin layers simultaneously with precision control over the intensity, pattern and depth of ablation – all from a single platform. Your practice is positioned for growth with CO2RE through the proven, predictable results, increased patient satisfaction and the ability to differentiate yourself with unique treatment offerings.

  • 4 Modes for fractional resurfacing: Light, Mid, Deep & Fusion
  • Classic Mode for full resurfacing
  • Surgical Mode for incision and excision
  • Choice of 4 featherweight hand pieces
  • Choice of 3 lenses
  • Intuitive touch-screen interface, stores & recalls user preferences
  • Featherweight articulated arm
  • Compact size & easily mobile

A Powerful, Digital Super Pulsed CO2 Laser in a Compact Device

  • Designed for optimum reliability and high performance.
  • High precision inboard scanner which is digitally synchronized with the laser pulse generator.
  • Varies the laser energy rapidly to enable different parts of the same scan matrix to be placed at different depths for multi-level treatment capabilities.
  • True CW Surgical Mode for effective skin coagulation after the cut.


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