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Plasmage is a small portable energy based device, optimised by 10 preset programs, and has a smart design with touch screen interface. There are six levels of intensity and four shooting modes (single or multiple), in addition to the continuous operation mode. There are different tips to improve precision; a selective shaped tip and a needle shaped tip.

The selective shaped tip is used to treat a large treatment area with biostimulation. The needle shaped tip has greater flexibility, is more precise and used to treat a number of conditions.

The smart touch screen interface has nine guided protocols, each of which has a pre-set tuning of energy. It is simple to use. Alternatively, if more or less energy is required for a treatment these pre-set applications can be adjusted.


The manual mode allows the pre-set applications to be adjusted to suit particular treatments. The intensity and pulse action can be adjusted. This is what makes Plasmage unique to the market because it has one of the widest ranges of power intensity and number of shots.

In physics, plasma is considered as the fourth state of matter next to solids, liquids and gases and is made up of an ionized gas, which consists of a set of electrons, ions, free radicals, molecules and neutral atoms. On earth, the plasma presence is relatively rare, but in the universe it constitutes to more than 99% of the known matter; the sun, the stars and the nebulae are all in plasma form.

Plasmas have a high bactericidal effectiveness and are used to sterilize medical devices and in packaging of food stuffs. In everyday technology plasmas are used in the manufacture of television screens or fluorescent tubes.

Plasmage generates its plasma through an electric discharge, without directly contacting the skin. It uses a special generator to produce a micro current that, through the electrical discharge generated, causes a localized temperature rise and a controlled demolition of the tissue. It acts only on the area it is directed at, without breaking deeper layers of the skin and influencing the health of the surrounding tissues.

The application of Plasmage induces controlled thermal damage in the skin, which results in the new production of collagen, a reduction of elastic fibers and a restructuring of dermal architecture that can be confirmed histologically. In addition to wrinkle treatment Plasmage can be used to treat :

  • Non-surgical blepharoplasty
  • Acne
  • Warts
  • Lentigo
  • Aging Scars
  • Stretch marks
  • Wrinkles Fibromas


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