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Actilic Bed

Actilic Bed is a multipurpose bed that offers users the options to customise the device as per their need. Considering the comfort of both the user and caregiver, Actilic Bed is specially designed for use in an acute hospital environment. The surfaces are smooth, with less points of contact so as to prevent any infection. There are two remote control panels for easy operation. The siderails on the sides ensure better safety, movement, and protection, allowing the patient to get in and out of the bed. The rod-controlled lifting system helps to adjust height of the bed and create Trendelenburg and Anti-Trendelenburg positions along with Fowler and Armchair positions. The double roller wheels and central braking ensures the safety of the patient. The bed can carry patient weight up to 165 kg, 220 kg being the Safe Working Load (SWL). With its removable deck boards, the bed is easy to handle and clean.


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