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Cm Traumamattress™

CM Trauma Mattress is a CT-compatible intrahospital mattress designed for immobilisation and transfer of patients. The mattress removeable covering consists of durable polyester-weave and a underside of silicone-coated polyamide with low friction attributes. The ergonomic round handles simplify sliding transfers. The waterproof core of the mattress consists of a carbon fibre and a 40 mm pressure relieving layer of polyether and viscoelastic foam. The core is covered in durable PU-cover.



Size: 200 x 53 x 6 cm

Weight: 8 kg

Article no: CMTRM


Covering for adult model Art.no: CMTR1

Stabilisations cushions, set Art.no: CMTR2

Body straps, complete set with Velcro Art.no: CMTR3

Body straps, complete without Velcro Art.no: CMTR3/4

CM Trauma Cover Art.no: CMCOVER

CM T-Fix Head Fixation Art.no: CMTFIX

CM Pro Slide Slide Board Art.no: CMPRO


Size: 142 x 44 x 6 cm

Weight: 5 kg

Article no: CMTRMM


Covering for child model Art.no: CMTR1M

Stabilisation cushions, set Art.no: CMTR2

Body staps, complete set Art.no: CMTR3M

CM Trauma Cover Mini Art.no: CMCOVERM


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