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Tg-1000. Power Brava

TG-1000. Power Brava

  • Stretcher with hydraulic elevation system
  •  Aluminium is the main material
  • Adjustable working height
  • Adjustable back rest assisted by shock absorber
  • Double folding legs assisted by 2 shock absorbers
  • 4 wheels Ø160 mm (2 lockable + 2 with brake)
  • Safety rails can be brought down length and width directions
  • Folding intravenous drip stand
  • Three point belt kit
  • Aluminium tray equipped for carrying out heart massage
  • Telescopic profile in the back rest to manoeuvre in difficult access situations
  • Hydraulic system unlocking button in case of brake down
  • Safety system to avoid collapse in case of failure ⋅ Emergency lights


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