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ZOLL Powerheart® G3 Trainer AED

The Powerheart G3 Trainer AED is the perfect way to familiarize your team with the operation of the Powerheart defibrillator and keep your skills fresh between re-certification courses. The AED Trainer helps you prepare by simulating different rescue situations. It gives students valuable, realistic training with a defibrillator.



  • Interactive:
    • Four preprogrammed, simulated rescue scenarios correspond to American Heart Association (AHA) and European Resuscitation Council (ERC) guidelines and the AHA Heartsaver AED curriculum.
    • Instructor advances rescue stages and scenarios through an infrared, wireless remote control.
    • Instructor may at any time pause and interrupt the rescue scenario for anecdotal comments or additional instruction.
    • Students hear voice prompts that would typically occur during an actual rescue attempt.
    Versatile: With the Cardiac Science AED Trainer, the instructor has the ability to:

    • Change the rescue scenarios based on class needs.
    • Vary simulated cardiac rhythms from shockable to non-shockable.
    • Select from any of the multiple languages preprogrammed within the AED Trainer.
    • Utilize with the Powerheart AED G3 family of products.
    Economical: Reusable training electrodes.

    • Compatible with any type of CPR manikin.
    • Powered by two alkaline D-cell (training device) and two AAA (remote control) batteries.
    • Dual modes can be easily configured for semi-automatic and fully-automatic training.
    • Simulated delivery of defibrillation pulse for training purposes.
    • Cardiac Science AED Trainers will not generate or deliver defibrillation shocks.
    (H x D x W):
    7 cm x 29 cm x 21 cm (2.8 in x 11.4 in x 8.3 in)


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