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Aquameden Underwater massage water jet tub. One of its characteristics is water economy. Electronic control panel together with temperature sensors make the use of the equipment easy.
The immersed massage in Aquameden tub works like a classical massage by improving the blood transport to the tissues and body systems functioning. Aquameden is an immersed massage tub. It is used for rehabilitation and pain reduction by hydromassage (thanks to nozzles) and effective immersed massage (thanks to water jet with manual pressure control).

The tub has a high-quality acrylic body (reinforced with polyester laminate to keep its good condition for longer) with a control panel. The tub’s casing is an effective protection against damage, but at the same time it makes the tub look esthetic and high-tech. The Aquameden hydrotherapy tub is supported by four height adjustable legs finished with protective rubber covers.
• Replaceable nozzle tips for the jet hose (option)
• Water jet douche pressure indicator
• Optional hydro massage 8 side direction jet nozzles
+ 3 direction jet nozzles for back
• Warm and cold water supply from the water supply system
• Economical use of water – min. 250 l, max. 550 l
• Pump “dry-run” protection
• Disinfection system
• Electronic control panel
• Warm and cold shower
• Railings helping to maintain a proper body position during a treatment
• Feet supports helping to maintain a proper body position during a treatment
• Shaped basin which facilitates a patient to have a proper position in the tube
• Additional two handles for the patient






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