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Combimed 4000

Combimed 4000

Combimed 4000 – One device, many opportunities
When choosing the line of combined devices, the physician disposes of the main physiotherapy technologies in one desktop device. Electrotherapy, ultrasounds and laser, these are the most used technologies, both singularly and simultaneously. All devices can be connected to the Vacuum module.
Combimed 4000 is the new workstation for physiotherapy, designed created and built in the heart of EME R & D department , dedicated to all professionals looking for intelligent and innovative technological solutions.
Electrotherapy – Laser – Ultrasound: those are the most widely used technologies in physiotherapy which have been concentrated in the new COMBIMED 4000 thanks to the new MEC system (Modular Electronic Concept), which
has allowed us to reduce to the minimum the overall dimensions of the current electronic modules.
• Display Color Touch screen 10′

Ultrasound 1 output 1/3 Mhz pulsed and continuous

Electrotherapy 2 indipendent output,with 28 wave forms

Lasertherapy 1 output with 905 nm wavelength






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