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CPAC Sterilizer

Available only in UAE & Qatar

(now in a convenient cabinet-ready size)
The RH-Pro family is a proven advancement in “RapidCycle” sterilization. Our RH-Pro11 tabletop sterilizer has been raising sterilization efficiency levels since its release. Now, we have taken that cutting edge technology and made it small enough to fit inside a cabinet! The RH-Pro9, like our larger RH-Pro11, uses Cutting-Edge HVHA (High-Velocity Hot Air) technology to provide the fastest instrument turnaround of any FDA-Cleared sterilization technology. No steam or water means no lengthy drying cycle with longer instrument life free of corrosion.
For Healthcare, the RH-Pro9 can Eliminate Immediate-Use Steam Sterilization, shortened cycles, work-arounds, and Joint Commission scrutiny!



  • FDA-Cleared 6 Minute Cycles (Unwrapped)
  • FDA-Cleared 12 Minute Cycles (Wrapped)
  • Smaller Cabinet-Ready Size (1163 Cubic Inches)
  • Uses 85% Less Energy Than Steam
  • Non-Corrosive Sterilizer Environment
  • Full 3-Year Warranty
  • Waterless Sterilization with No Chemicals
  • Convenient Smaller Size — Three Instrument Trays

Sterilization Times

  • Cycle 1 – 6 minutes for unwrapped instruments
  • Cycle 2 – 8 minutes for hand pieces and medical drills
  • Cycle 3 – 12 minutes for wrapped instruments


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