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Interactive Bubble Tube Including 5- Way Button Switch

Interactive Bubble Tube including 5- Way Button Switch

Interactive Bubble Tube including 5-Way Button Switch The Interactive Bubble Tube comes with a 5-way Button Switch which allows control of colour and bubbles. Starts in automatic sequencing mode, which can be speeded up or slowed down. Press any one of the coloured buttons to

override this and make the bubble tube turn red, yellow,
green or blue. The white button stops and starts the bubbles.
The Interactive Bubble Tube will accept any switch. Ideal
for encouraging awareness through cause and effect, turn
taking or ready-steady-go! Operates on 240v transformed to

• 114 50 20 1 1m
• 114 50 20 2 1.5m
• 114 50 20 3 2m






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