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“Aquai is a multifunctional membrane massage unit. It is used in Medical SPA and fitness centres, beauty spas and rehabilitation practices. The device is used for dry hydromassage (or dry massage). The membrane, which the user is lying on, gets hit with the water coming out through nozzles.

The Aquai dry massage tub makes it available to set the time, frequency and the order of massage areas’ work. The Aquai 24 nozzles are divided into 6 massage areas. To ensure comfort, the temperature of the water can also be regulated and is kept steady throughout the whole treatment.

The Aquai massage unit has 6 massage setting programs installed, the user can change the settings on their own. The Aquai hitting massage improves blood circulation and enhances oxygen transport to the tissues. The level of endorphins affecting pain tolerance also gets increased. The combination of physical- and warm water influence on the tissues results in body relaxation, stress reduction and patient’s limb mobility.

• 6 programmable and independent zones
• All jets are able to work simultaneously
• 6 standard massage programs
• 1 user program
• Can be programmed for determined time
• Adjustable treatment time (10 – 30 min)
• Delayed start at programmed number or hours
• Adjustable frequency and sequence of zones
• Adjustable water temperature
• Integrated heating system
• No need to connect to a water tap
• Easily accessible touch panel
• Safety
• LED lighting at the base

• Improvement in blood circulation and metabolism
• Increase in oxygen transport in muscle
• Tension relief”
• Stress reduction and relaxation






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