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Beka Carolo – Classo

CARLO Alu, Comfort EP 185
The mobile sling hoist CARLO Alu, Comfort EP 185 is the flexible solution for all care areas. Apart from lifting and moving the resident, the sling hoist is also appropriate for bathing or taking a shower and for transfer to the toilet. Thanks to the electrical positioning system (EPS) of the CARLO Alu, Comfort EP 185 the caregiver can place the resident without any effort, exactly and without force, in the sitting or lying position and stay at all-time directly in contact with him. The anti-rotation mechanism (ARM) of the hanger bar avoids an involuntary rotation during the transfer and reduces uncomfortable rotating and swivelling movements. The care routine can be done more efficiently and the labour satisfaction will raise.


Benefits for residents and caregivers

  • Light device, since both chassis and lifting column are made of 100% aluminium
  • Extra light and easy to move
  • Universal use, also appropriate for bathing and taking a shower
  • Electrical positioning system (EPS) in order to place the resident exactly without additional force
  • Electrical height adjustment and electrically spreadable chassis
  • Hanger bar with anti-rotation mechanism (ARM)
  • A lot of space within the hanger bar
  • Cable remote control with indication of the status of the battery
  • Ergonomic and health protecting work, since manual lifting is not required
  • Battery and charging unit are appropriate for all BEKA Hospitec hoists
  • Wide choice of comfort slings (with clip) in different sizes
  • Optionally available with a calibrated patient scale


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