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Shock Med Sw1352

Shock Med SW1352

Shockwave therapy is the best treatment for chronic insertional tendinopathies, characterised by poor vascularisation of the osteotendinous junction, when the physiotherapeutic treatment (infiltrations and laser therapy) has proved ineffective.

These are the main pathologies treated with shockwaves:
• Elbow – epicondylitis, epitrocleitis
• Shoulder – insertional tendinopathies, impingement
• Knee – patellar and “goose’s foot” tendinopathies
• Pubis – adductor tendinopathies (pubalgy)
• Ankle – achilles tendinopathy, calcaneal apophysis
• Device with wheels
• Display Color Touch Screen 8’
• Pressure 1-5 Bar max
• Frequency 1-20 Hz max
• 200 stored protocols, 200 protocols storable in the internal memory and 4gb more in the USB






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