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Vacuumed Vu1392

Vacuumed VU1392

Vacuumed – Vacuum therapy The Vacuum therapy is a therapeutical method which uses the effect of the vacuum in the body by combining the improvement of the tissue microcirculation with an anti-inflammatory and detoxing action.

The vacuum therapy consists in applying an air tight tube to a body part, in which there is applied a decompression followed by a compression, in order to stimulate venous and lymphatic circulation: this way, a suction is obtained, which generates a higher concentration of blood in the area, stimulating circulation and oxygenation, and accelerating the elimination of toxins.
• Suction
• Frequency
• Low noise level
• Smart case: the rectangular shape of VACUUMED allows to allocate another Medical Italia equipment (ELECTROTHERAPY / COMBIMED) above the same, further reducing the overall dimensions






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