Sp-2100 Motor Fit Pro Active- Passive Series

Motor fit pro active- passive series

T”SP-2100 Motor fit pro active-passive series
The motor fit pro active-passive series provides therapeutic solutions for individuals with low functional capacity, long- term rehabilitation needs, or other physical limitations.”
“• The AP Pro can be used for upper-body or lower- body exercise in a space-saving design.
• Bi-directional exercise in Active or Passive Modes. Customize each patient’s exercise session with 15 resistance levels and speeds from 4 to 60 rpm.
• Passive Assistance – In the Passive Mode, the AP Pro automatically reduces powered assistance as the patient’s strength and power input increases.
• Spasm Control Function – The AP Pro automatically stops after detecting a spasm and continues in the desired direction to relieve spasm.For additional safety, the exercise session is terminated after three spasm episodes.
• Easy to use console with voice guidance.”
Measurements Include
“• Ratio of Active versus Passive exercise – monitor improvement in overall functional capacity.
• Ratio of Active exercise – right versus left side – track reduction in unilateral deficits and monitor exercise symmetry.
• Total time, distance, and number of spasm episodes during exercise session.”
“• Lower Body Limbs
• LCD Touch Screen






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