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4DryField® PH is an innovative medical device for adhesion prevention and hemostasis that can be used in a wide range of surgical indications. Due to its physical properties, 4DryField® PH absorbs many times its own mass in the liquid within a few seconds.

4DryField® PH is made up of sterile hydrophilic microparticles. These are manufactured from highly purified potato starch in a complex process. 4DryField® PH contains no components whatsoever of animal or human origin. It is biocompatible, pyrogen-free, and hypoallergenic. Therefore, 4DryField® PH meets the stringent requirements for a Class III medical device. There are no known side effects up to now. Occasionally, there may be a temporary increase in CRP with no leukocytosis and no increase in temperature. Find out more about how 4DryField® PH works here.

If you have any questions on 4DryField® PH, you would like to discover new areas of application, or you’d like to share your experiences with 4DryField® PH, please feel free to contact us.

You can find further information on the product and its use in the current 4DryField® PH package information leaflet.






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