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Sutter Med – Bipolar Suction Forceps

Bipolar Suction Forceps

Aspirate blood, fluids, and smoke!

No change of instruments needed to use the suction function
The surgical site stays clean and clear
Extraction of blood and debris by suction right before coagulation to avoid „blind“ coagulation
Extraction of smoke while coagulating
With the suction channel embedded inside the forceps’ tine the surgeon’s field of vision stays always clear
Suction channel embedded inside the tine
A traumatically rounded tip
The instrument is autoclavable


To make sure that the tines match precisely at the tips and for pre-tension, which is important when using the forceps for dissection
Suction control

Suction connector

Matches different suction tube diameters and all OR suction devices / Luer Lock
Standard connector for all commonly used generator types






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