Palomar Icon by Cynosure is a top of the line complete aesthetic system with the latest laser technology that offers safe and effective results that can be performed in just minutes with you back to your daily routine the same day.

Palomar Icon is very popular with dermatologists and plastic surgeons because it’s a major multi-tasker, reducing the need for multiple machines in cramped office space. The Palomar Icon combines a fractional laser and intense pulsed light (IPL) technology. There are a variety of handheld attachments to perform different types of treatments, including wrinkle reduction, hair removal, acne and scar improvement, fractional skin resurfacing, vascular and pigmentation treatments, and photorejuvenation (IPL). The machine has a wide range of capabilities, it can provide different levels of treatments and meet various comfort and downtime requirements according to a patient’s needs.

Icon aesthetic system offers something for nearly every patient you treat. With seven handpieces, over 80 publications, and countless provider success stories. Icon is flexible multi-purpose platform is a industry must-have for practitioners both new and experienced.




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