At the start of the 20th Century, it was discovered that when a person suffering from CO poisoning received a combination of oxygen (O2) and carbon dioxide (CO2), ventilation was stimulated, and CO was eliminated through the lungs. As mentioned, hyperbaric oxygen treatment was later favoured. But in 1996, Dr. Joseph Fisher, and his colleagues at the University of Toronto, determined that given typical hyperbaric treatment delays (assuming a suitable facility is accessible at all), in most situations early O2/CO2 treatment is actually more effective at CO removal.

This realization inspired Thornhill Medical to engineer a portable system requiring only oxygen and a small cylinder of carbon dioxide. The result was ClearMate™: See image on the right.

The compact, 6 Kg, ClearMate™ is totally pneumatic – no electricity, batteries or computers are needed for it to work. ClearMate™ was designed for rescue vehicles, hospital emergency departments, factories, schools, and any other facilities where the earliest possible treatment of CO poisoning will save lives. Whenever carbon monoxide poisoning may have occurred, ClearMate™ can be used on the scene by anyone with minimal training, and with no risk of side effects.





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