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The Smartvest® System For Inpatient Hfcwo

The SmartVest® System for inpatient HFCWO

“The SmartVest® System for inpatient HFCWO The SmartVest SQL Airway Clearance System makes high frequency chest wall oscillation (HFCWO) in acute care
settings more effective, comfortable and convenient than”
ever. Engineered with innovative advantages for hospital
staff and patients, the SmartVest SQL System is designed to
provide the ultimate in therapeutically effective airway
clearance therapy.
“Improve patient care with the latest HFCWO technology
In addition to providing users maximum comfort during use, the SmartVest SQL System includes features designed to promote ease of operation. Research with hospital staff helped us address specific needs for successful HFCWO therapy:
• Disposable, single-patient-use garments support infection control requirements.
• Three-banded hose provides secure connection to SmartVest garment.
• Unique dual-stage air filter minimizes transfer of debris through device
• Only single-hose design among leading HFCWO devices, eliminating ergonomic challenges patients and hospital staff can experience with tangled hoses.
• Disposable, single-patient-use and SmartVest Wrap® support infection control requirements.
• Bottom-up compression, making it ideal for a patient with a Port-ACath or G-tube — even patients who are post lung transplant.
• Multiple sizes to fit full-term newborns to large adults.
• Ultra-quiet generator, to help patients rest and sleep during therapy.
• Six-wheel generator pedestal, providing exceptional stability and mobility while occupying minimal space.






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