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This huge kit is for the true moulage master.to create your wounds from scratch.


Spirit Gum 29ml
Spirit Gum Remover 29ml
Fresh Scab 454gm
Stage Blood 946ml
Stipple Sponge x 8
Sponges x 8
EW5 Effects Wheel Burns & Blisters
EW3 Effects Wheel Cuts & Bruises
Spray Bottle x 2
Alcohol Paint Set
TraumaSkin Silicone Translucent Sculpting medium 226gm
Palette & Palette Knife
Fine Brushes
EF3 Cyanotic Blue
P15 Cadaver Grey
Charcoal Powder 21gm
Set Powder 49gm
Retractable Brush
FX 72 Black & Blue
FX 4 Charcoal Blue
FX 35 Dark Crimson
Derma Burn
Dust, Dirt & Grime Palette
Silicone Sculpt & Model Gel
Translucent 56gm
Red 56gm
Rubber Glass 500gm
Full set of 11 silicone pigment colors





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