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Pre-Designed Rn Tote


From stethoscopes and blood pressure cuffs to Foley trays and IV start kits, the RN Tote is a Pocket Nurse® best-seller, stocked with supplies fundamental to an RN curriculum.
Single head Stethoscope
ID tag
Blood pressure cuff (Adult)
Pain scale assessment card
Disposable penlight
ECG caliper (Black)
ECG ruler
Enema set
Suction catheter kit 12Fr with a pair of latex-free gloves
(10) Alcohol prep pads
(3) Elastic bandage (2″ x 5″; Latex Free)
(3) Stretch gauze bandage 3″
(2) ABD ad (5″ x 9″; Non-Sterile)
(2) Gauze sponge (4″ x 4″; 10/Pack)
Paper tape (1″ x 10 yards)
Dressing change tray / ABD Pad
Central line dressing tray with Tegaderm (Latex Free)
Irrigation tray with 60 mL bulb syringe
Gastric sump tube 14Fr
(5) Cotton tipped applicator (10/Pack)
Tongue depressor
Personal protection kit
Tracheostomy care tray (Latex Free)
Pair of surgical gloves – 7.5 (Latex)
Digital thermometer
Bandage scissor 5 1/2″
Kelly forceps 5 1/2″ (Curved)
IV start kit Baxter CLEARLINK IV administration set
Gait belt with metal buckle (White)
Closed insert foley tray 14Fr
Tote Bag (Black) 01-12-825-BLACK





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