4Dryfield® Ph Provides Hemostasis – Prevents Adhesions

4DryField® PH Provides Hemostasis – Prevents Adhesions

  • CE certified for hemostasis plus adhesion prevention 4DryField® PH consists of hydrophilic microparticles, which are made from purifizierter, vegetable starch.
  • 4DryField® PH is ready to use.
  • 4DryField® PH can easily and safely due to its fluidity during surgery to apply.
  • 4DryField® PH absolutely free of animal and human components.
  • For use come exclusively vegetable polymers.
  • The result: 4DryFiel® PH is rapidly absorbed, is biocompatible and non-pyrogenic.
  • Side effects are not known. Hemostasis 4DryField® PH absorbed within seconds a multiple of its own weight of water.


The removal of water, the cellular constituents in the blood and the proteins are concentrated; the coagulation cascade accelerated.

It forms a hemostatic barrier to further blood leakage. Plus adhesion prevention adhesions are the most common complications after surgery with a complaint palette, ranging from non-specific pain of secondary infertility to ileus.

The microparticles of 4DryField® PH, in conjunction with physiological saline, a hydrogel forms a barrier between the affected tissue layers.

The serous layers can heal so independently.

4DryField® PH is ideally suited for minimally invasive surgery.

It is easy to apply and deposits due to its hygroscopic property to the affected tissue surfaces on.

4DryField® PH immediately forms an adhesion barrier.

4DryField® PH is degraded within days, just so long spot, as it is needed.


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