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Child Prestige Stethoscope

Child Prestige stethoscope

Child Prestige stethoscope Twin-head stethoscope stainless steel diaphragm Ø 35 mm tube approx. 56 cm reversible 2 pairs of spare ear tips spare diaphragm and name plate latex-free The KaWe Prestige Line stethoscope is equipped with a solid double-headed chest piece made of stainless steel.

This stethoscope satisfies every requirement profile.



Available in various sizes, it can be used for babies, children and adults (Baby-, Child-, or Standard-Prestige) and will serve you well day after day according to requirement and/or specialised field. The single-tube system with integrated head piece is available in different colours. Each stethoscope comes with two spare pairs of ear tips, one spare diaphragm and a name plate. __User’s manual Learn more about Child Prestige stethoscope


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