Planet Stethoscope Black

Planet stethoscope black

Planet stethoscope black Twin-head stethoscope with freely swinging high-performance diaphragm, Ø 42 mm tube approx. 60 cm reversible superior sound quality latex-free The Planet stethoscope has been the most successful universal stethoscope in our product line for more than 25 years.

Each one is unique and is meticulously fabricated in our factory. Each piece has an individual production number that is stamped onto its gold-plated chest piece, guaranteeing flawless traceability. Our Planet stethoscope has many convincing amenities :



The solidity of the chest piece and substantial weight of 145 gr. all in a chest piece that is only 23mm high (flat construction) eliminates sounds from the fingers and produces an excellent resonance; no ambient noise or sound from the instrument itself.

Non-locking and tightly-fitting turning mechanism, two different frequency ranges. Free swinging high-performance diaphragm (Ø 42 mm) for even the softest auscultation noise, even discernible under a skin layer thickness of 120 mm.

Flexible, exchangeable bell for original sound, non-chill. T he double hose system (hose approx. 60 cm) enhances the above average sound quality. __360° view __User’s manual Learn more about Planet stethoscope black


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