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Coolshaping A Cryo Vacuum And Led Combination

CoolShaping a cryo vacuum and LED combination

The technology itself is a combination CoolShapinghandpiece, which cryo vacuum and effective integration of LED included. The stable operating temperature set point from -5 to +5 ° C keeping with integrated temperature control system ensures the vacuum and additional LED also makes it more efficient and effective treatments. The system allows for safe, non-invasive fat breakdown, as the set point can only be proven in fat cells, leaving intact the surrounding nerves, blood vessels and other tissues.


  • Combined suitable for body shaping
  • Integrated cryo vacuum and LED handpiece

Application possibilities

  • toning
  • fat burning
  • cellulite reduction
  • Purification


Principle of operation

Combined cryo-vacuum LED technology & Efficacy increase when used with other technologies

The cryo technology fat precise and controlled cooling to allow through the skin, a non-invasive manner. Studies have shown that fat cells are permanently destroyed, depending on their composition at a temperature between -2 and +2 ° C, the amount of fat in this way under the surface can be reduced up to 80% of 15-90 days. The control head has a dual effect of vacuum technology incorporated in the treated area to temporarily restrict the blood flow (thus reducing the back warming), allowing efficient localized cooling. Controlled cooling time and temperature parameters are set so that the fat cells causes a potent and selective destruction, while the other does not damage tissue. The destroyed fat cells are eliminated from the body by natural selection process of the organization. The selection and clearance process takes 3-4 weeks after treatment.For example, the combined use of cavitation or radiofrequency technology allows the CoolShaping combined with cryo-vacuum LED technology fast and impressive results achieved. Using the hot and cold treatments alternately to considerable temperature difference occurs in the fat cells from the stock, which gives rise to a much higher by the heat shock effect level of fat cell destruction.
The EunSung palette 3 Max CoolShaping a combined cryo-vacuum LED technology apparatus comprising inherently combined radio frequency and cavitation technologies.

Control Heads

Combined cryo-vacuum LED handpiece

As standard, the machine is delivered with two medium-sized applicator. The device is available with an optional large applicator or the applicator is small.

  • cryo vacuum and integrated LED technology
  • cryo strong power (approx. -5 ° C)
  • 4 types of vacuum pulse
  • increased safety
  • effective fat burning


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