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Corner Chair A Floor Sitter To Develop Balance

Corner Chair a floor sitter to develop balance

Corner Chair a floor sitter to develop balance a floor sitter to develop balance
Our Corner Chairs have been developed specifically for young children from the age of 8 months who need to develop sitting balance. The Corner Chairs are ideal for nursery, school and home environments. During floor sitting some children are inclined to fall back or sideways if they overstretch or lose concentration. Our Corner Chairs are designed to provide support at the back and sides of your child to improve sitting balance.

• Encourages social interaction and floor based activities e.g. story telling, music and play
• Highly adjustable
• Grows with the child
• Available in 3 sizes
• Our Corner Chairs can be used in conjunction with the Ladder, please see our Ladders in Therapy range
• Floor level support
• Maximum adjustability”
• Offers high level of adjustability in the back, side angle, side pad, headrest and pommel.







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